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Like many others, I noticed a few tweets coming through yesterday with the #pencilchat hashtag. Then more, and more. Educators chiming in with all the ‘problems’ that pencils are causing in our schools – a great play on the negative perceptions of some about the ‘problems’ ICT and social media are causing in our schools.

It was great fun with many comments both perceptive and hilarious at the same time. Here’s a description of how it began. Some of my favourites:

‘”How do I stop my child penciling?” Answer: take the pencil away.’

‘Pencils – what about their CARBON FOOTPRINT?’

‘Any teacher that can be replaced by a pencil, should be!’

‘But each year there are new pencils! And now they’re talking pens next year! You expect me to redo all my notes in pen?’

‘What about equity issues with schools going #byop Some kids may bring pencils that are bigger than others.’

‘Rewriting programs to integrate pencils more effectively for 2012’

‘I am seeing lots of anecdotal cases here, but WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?’

‘Pencils are causing the re-wiring of children’s brains’

‘How will kids know what end to write with if it’s not specifically taught? How will I ever learn all teh things a pencil can do?’

‘Has anyone considered the possibilities of graphite related bullying? Think of all the policies that will need rewriting?’

And many many more which seem to have flown by – did anyone catch them all? 

And I had to throw one in too:

‘Just spent megabucks on a pencil filter which stops the chn writing inappropriate words. Some get around it by using crayons.’


And of course people are blogging about the #pencilchat phenomenon already, like: Cat’s Pyjamas, Iowa Transform Ed (lots of good quotes there),  The Contemporary Educator, and 10 mins




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