Curriculum Change

Curriculum Change: from NSW Syllabus to Australian Curriculum

I’m completing a research report for some study I’m doing at the moment. It’s about:

– Previous attempts at forming a National Curriculum and why they didn’t succeed

– An investigation of the development of the new Australian Curriculum to see if it is avoiding the mistakes of the past

As well as writing the report, I’ll present its main points to some peers and ask them to give some feedback on both the report and the presentation. I’m using this space to hold the presentation and the feedback.

A Prezi of the presentation can be viewed here.

If you are providing feedback on this presentation could you please provide feedback on this form:




2 responses to “Curriculum Change

  1. Cathy McGrath

    I really enjoyed your presentation. The information you presented was clear and it also allowed for interactions i.e. asking questions as well as discussions.
    The Prezi component clearly utilised technology in a way that engaged the audience as well as deliver the necessary information of your research.
    Thanks for allowing me to participate in your session.


  2. Leanne Nicol

    I really appreciated your presentation today. It was clear that you have spent time researching you question and it was really easy to follow with the Prezi you have begun.
    I’m looking forward to reading or hearing your completed presentation. Your presentation also provided excellent modelling of sharing professional learning with colleagues and certainly added to our staff discussion yesterday about what a professional learning community really is. You modelled this today beautifully
    THank you for inviting me to attend today’s session.

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