Teachers starting with Twitter

Some teachers have used Twitter for years and have posted thousands of tweets and gathered thousands of followers. Some have heard of it but never used it. These notes are for some colleagues who are new to Twitter and want to start using it.

So you’ve heard of Twitter, may have opened an account, but it really hasn’t gone anywhere useful. Maybe followed a couple of people, ‘posted’ once or twice and then left it because it seemed useless. I did the same when I started. Twitter is a tool that relies on ‘following’ enough interesting people and being ‘followed’ by enough interesting people… and having conversations with them and sharing useful information and links.

It’s been suggested that there are 4 main stages people go through in taking up Twitter.

So why should teachers use Twitter? Well, simply…

– To be connected to other teachers around the world who share a common interest and expertise. You may have great colleagues at the school where you work, and there are thousands more around the world.

– And because of that, you can develop a Professional (or Personal) Learning Network (PLN) where you can get help and feedback, and provide it for others.

The 4 Corners program on 6 Feb 2012 ‘Revolution in the classroom’ provided a spark for a great Twitter conversation for people following the hashtag #4corners  (What’s a Twitter hashtag?). So if you’ve been tentative and want to start, grab someone you know who uses Twitter, and start following (and tweeting). And when you’re stuck and no one’s around, tweet for help or go to Twitter support!



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