iPad apps – favourites so far

I’ve installed and used all the apps below as part of an appraisal of what might be good apps for teachers and students. Just presenting them here as a grab bag, ranging between good and great. I’ve left out other apps that I’ve found to be useless. Also tested by 5 and 8 year olds….

You can get by without them, but it’s better if you have them:
, Pages and Numbers

Books for younger kids:
Little Red Hen – from Stepworks company
Beatrix Potter – looks exactly like the old book
Lula’s Brew
Wheels on the Bus
The Dr Suess books are excellent.
Hairy McClary

Books for mid to upper primary:
Alice in Wonderland –  there are a few out there – the one I chose cost about $11 and is full colour with some animation. My tip would be buy it only if you have a student who is about to read it anyway.
Pedlar Lady – to me this is the best mix of graphics and text on an eBook so far
Animalia – fantastic!

Games for infants:
Pet playpen
Clicky Sticky
ABC maze
Drawing pad – older kids too
Cupcakes! and More Sundaes! – for some reasons kids will make cupcakes and sundaes for ages….
Angelina Ballerina
Chipmunks – kids record and remix their voices
Magnetic ABC

The land of UM

Live Mathletics (if you like Mathletics that is)
Haven’t really seen any maths apps that grab me yet

I Write Words (letter formation – young kids)
Complete works of Shakespeare – free!
Crosswords – this gathers crosswords from newspapers around the world and updates them every day
Puppet Pals – if people tell you that the iPad is no good for content creation, this is the app that will prove them wrong. Best app on the iPad!

King Bongo Mini
Slit Drum
Six Strings – has a variety of instruments guitars, ukulele, banjo, mandolin – and you can record
Piano sharp
Beatles Songbooks

Touch Physics – great
Arrriving HD – like Touch Physics but very stylish graphics
Jelly Car 2 – kids get it more than I do
NASA – great pics and kept up to date
Etch a Sketch – it’s OK, you might find a use for it
National Geographic World Atlas
Kid Art – this is good! Like Kid Pix for the iPad….
Voice Memos – simple way to get kid’s talks, discussions onto the iPad
VLC – play different types of video files
Google Earth
Align 4 – the old Connect four game – there is a free version
OZ Weather HD
Audio Boo – after you get your Audio Boo account, this is a very quick way to upload simple podcasts
Tweet Deck – if you’re into Twitter – get your favourite feeds in columns – the size of the iPad makes this possible (compared to the version for the iPhone and iPod Touch)
Good Reader – the BEST app for reading pdfs and other files on the iPad

For teachers and techies:
TED – The TED talks app – great presentations by leaders
Speed Test X HD – check download and upload speeds on your iPad
My Devices – see devices on your network
BBC News
Keynote remote – control your presentations from your iPad
App Shopper – see what’s on special or free..
ABC iPad app – that’s the Australian Broacasting Corporation – view TV, etc
SMH – Sydney Morning Herald – if you have a teacher’s subscription you get the app free – a bit of setting up to do though…

Great timewasters……. I am not responsible for how much of your life you waste on these……
Sunday lawn
The Incident – this is a retro style classic
Multi Pong
Smileys – great for pattern recognition and manipulation
Cut the Rope – this is from the people who made Angry Birds – you have been warned….
Cro Mag rally
Real racing
Crash Cart Bandicoot
Enigmo – this has the potential to drive you nuts very quickly….
The Impossible Quiz


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