Be Connected: thoughts on AIS ICT Integration Conference 2010

I recently attended the AIS ICT 2010 Integration Conference at Tara Anglican School for girls at Parramatta in Sydney.

Here are my take away highlights:

Jenny Luca – Keynote speaker on the morning of day 1: she connected by recounting her story of ‘getting connected’ with ICT. She runs a great blog called Lucacept – Intercepting the Web. Her take on the conference is here.

Google Earth workshop – thanks to Karen and Sue from Tara I now know how to create a flyover trip (kml) in Google Earth, complete with text and video links at points along the way. I’ve wanted to know how to do that for a long time and showed us how easy it is. They also provided a great ‘how to’ guide in case we forgot anything. Thanks!

Edmodo in the Primary ClassroomHenrietta Miller showed us how she incorporates Edmodo, a secure discussion forum which she uses as part of her novel studies with primary students. She uses learning matrices which combine Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences , and some of those activities involve online discussions using Edmodo.I came across these matrices at the Country Areas Program site.

At my school we use Moodle and can use that for the activities where Henrietta uses Edmodo.

iPad session – Martin Levins led this discussion of how iPads are being used – pluses, minuses, management issues. Martin also has his own blog where he has some more pointers to consider with implementing iPads. Martin has also blogged about his impressions of the keynote sessions at the conference.

Jeff Utecht – Keynote speaker on the morning of the second day. Jeff had a great presentation style – always kept moving, and had regular breaks (complete with a great big three minute countdown timer on the screen) where he asked us to chat about the ideas he had just presented. He also had a great technique of keeping the audience connected and focused during the presentation – asked for volunteers to live commentary on googledocs, twitter and flickr. Used this as a way of getting live feedback on how the session was going. This is Jeff’s take on the conference.

Jeff’s big message was – BE CONNECTED.



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2 responses to “Be Connected: thoughts on AIS ICT Integration Conference 2010

  1. Thanks for this….next time I think I’ll just have one slide that says “Be Connected….Any Questions” 🙂

    I enjoyed might time in Sydney and the conversations. Great stuff happening all over the place.

    • Jeff, thanks for making that comment – I’m presenting this as my report back to one our IT teams at my school in a couple of hours. Great to show them ‘Be Connected’ in action. P.S. I now have correct spelling of your last name. Mike